The Hive





Like bees, in a hive, working together to make something sweet, we believe when youth ministry influencers connect and collaborate, they’re better empowered to contribute to the Church. We call this The Collective. Presently The Collective (formerly, the Hive Collective) consists of Bible-believing, gospel-centered church denominational youth directors who represent 30,000 churches in America.

Through monthly virtual calls, on-sight visits, and annual strategy summits these high-level leaders encourage, equip, and empower each other to stay in the fight and make a difference in the lives of youth ministers and youth.

Each month IYS facilitates meaningful dialogue resulting in the development of simple tools to aid directors. Annually, we host a 48-hour strategy summit to address significant issues impacting churches and youth across the nation. These times are filled with prayer, good food and fun. Leaders leave encouraged, equipped, and empowered to learn more, lend a hand, and lead change – as the Spirit leads them. Based on recent collaboration, IYS develop a resource entitled YL Pipeline, a document addressing youth ministry staffing solutions.

Scott, USA

“Thanks for providing a space to connect and build relationships. This will pay dividends for a long, long time”

 Scott, USA

Matt, USA

“It’s like [this group] is the black and white of our ministries. It’s nice to hear the struggles others face and realize the grass isn’t greener.””

Matt, USA

Christian, USA

“I’m excited to be a part of these conversations, to learn and grow and be challenged. I’m also excited about the potential relationships.”

Christian, USA


“This is an answer to prayer…I am all in!”

Christian, USA