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We design trainings and resources meant for exponential growth. While not a typical training or resource ministry, as the Lord leads, we create training materials and ministry tools meant to empower local leaders to adopt, adapt, and apply them in culturally relevant ways. For example, our Why Youth Ministry Matters training (& tools) was used to train other trainers who then trained others, resulting in a potential impact in the lives of over 6,000 youth.  Likewise, our Movement Making training is utilized with executive facilitators of social movements, aimed at structuring teams for greater momentum. 

From time to time, the Lord also allows IYS to author articles, develop practical resources for the local church, and train at youth conferences. In each of these cases our materials always utilize a learning methodology which combines inspiration and information with application and activation. 

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Jennifer, USA

“This is a really great resource. I pray the Lord uses it to bless many and for His glory.”

 Jennifer, USA

David, Zambia

“It is evident that we need to [train] Why Youth Ministry Matters. Now it’s clear that youth are in serious crisis, not just because of Covid.”

David, Zambia

Movement Making participants, Africa

“This was robust. I loved it so, so much.” “This was awesome. Mark, you made my day.”

Movement Making participants, Africa