The Hive





Our History.

2012 – The vision for IYS was loaned to Mark, as he trained youth ministers from 19 nations, while high-up in the mountains of the Philippines. Soon thereafter the Andresons relocated to Indonesia to pursue the vision through training leaders, launching a network, and leading a local youth ministry.

2014 – The Andresons returned to the U.S. and re-envisioned the mission. Local and international networking and training continued.

2015 – The Interconnected Youth Ministry research project, among global youth ministers, validated a values-based-collaborative approach to youth ministry.

2017 – Mark partnered with Dare 2 Share Ministries to launch a global Gospel Advancing Movement. During this time, the vision matured, and greater focus was given to investing in high-capacity global youth ministers.

2019 – The Andresons returned to the Midwest to be near ailing family. After seven years of partnering with other churches and organizations, a pioneering effort commenced as the Institute for Youth Studies was launched as formal nonprofit organization (or 501c3 tax-exempt charity).

2019 – Global youth ministry trainers were empowered with online trainings to impact 1,000 youth. The training resource, Why Youth Ministry Matters, was created. The Collective, a community of U.S. national youth directors, was launched.

2020 – In total 27 youth ministry influencers from 21 nations were encouraged, equipped, and empowered. Some 13 total resources were created; with 4 articles published. Investment in one youth ministry influencer impacted 6,600 youth.

2021 – In total 42 youth ministry influencers from 23 nations were encouraged, equipped, and empowered. Respondents from 22 nations contributed to the Intentional Collaboration Survey. The Hive (collaborative learning communities) initiative was launched with youth ministers in Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, and Sri Lanka. The Lament: From Hurt to Hope youth minister resource was co-created. The HyHOPES client initiative began.

2022 – The Movement Making training was implemented. The Collective participants now represent 31,000 churches in America. A Strategic Summit was hosted to address youth ministry staffing challenges among churches across America; from which the YL Pipeline resource was developed. Year-to-date, consultancies, collaborations, and networking connections have impacted 30+ youth ministry influencers from 13 nations.