The Hive





Our Approach.

We connect youth ministry influencers to collaborate for the sustainable creation of contextualized resources and responses, which contribute to the local church’s ongoing ministry to and through youth.

This means we serve high-level youth ministers whom God has positioned to influence their nations and beyond. Through transparency, trust, and genuine care we facilitate community for these leaders to share ideas, learn from one another, and work together – all for God’s glory and the transformation of young lives.

To this end, we believe offering strategic support services to national and global-level leaders will result in exponential impact in the lives of youth.

Our Process.

Whether online or on the ground, IYS has a 3-layered process for encouraging sustainable ministry with youth ministers.


I Do (Individualized)

We Do (Interconnected)

You Do (Indigenous)


When we help key national and global level leadership start, strengthen, scale, or sustain transformational change we utilize a contextualized approach, whereby we offer individualized (or customized) support based on their interests and needs. This means early on, we carry much of the weight in the consultancy, coaching, or collaboration journey. However, we work together to build plans, processes, and provisions for the intentional outcomes they desire. In this area we highly value co-creation and co-facilitation of change. Finally, it is our desire to see ongoing ministry to and through youth led by local leadership, not us; thus, we build our services toward this outcome.