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Our Story. Our People. Our Annual Theme. Our Statement of Faith.

IYS History

Our Story.

Atop Philippine mountains, during a youth ministers’ summit (with leaders from across Asia), Mark prayed a simple prayer. It went something like this, “God, I love youth, cultures, and training leaders. I’ll do what you want me to do and go where you want me to go but I’d love to use all of my tools – education, experience, talents, and gifts – to impact youth around the world.” In his goodness, the Lord loaned Mark a prolific vision to encourage, equip, and empower global youth ministers. It was an epiphany that changed the course of his life

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Our People.

Great partners help us have great impact! Whether it be groups of youth working on a sewing project, friends assisting with event management, or professionals offering their specialized skills, we are blessed to have passionate co-laborers helping us fulfill our mission.

Our Team
Mark Andreson, founder of IYS
IYS Annual Theme 2022 Come Alive

Our Annual Theme – Live Boldly.

To impact 2 billion youth, we must live boldy. The power to live boldly, mentioned in Acts 4, wasn’t conjured up with a passionate prayer, it was gifted by God’s grace and imparted by the Holy Spirit. It wasn’t forced, it was freely given. The confidence to live for Christ, no matter the ups and downs of life, is given and sustained by God. This year, we seek to boldy encourage, equip, and empower 50+ youth ministry influencers in 18+ nations…

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Our Impact.

Learn how we steward your trust as you pray, partner through volunteering and giving, and pass the word on to others. Here’s what we measure and celebrate, so God receives all the glory.

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IYS Statement of Faith - group of young people