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Models, Methods & Means for a Movement

Rather than distributing a slick packaged “product” or “program” we wish to freely share the models, methods and means for intentional collaboration. Our models (3 types) of collaborative learning communities, the 4-D method, and this platform and coaching are available to help others launch or join a Hive and share their created resources and response.

There are four ways to join the movement: continue, converse, contribute, and connect with The Hive.



If you’re already in a collaborative learning community, keep going. We’d love to hear what you’re doing to co-create youth ministry resources.

Email your stories to:


Join or start a conversation about intentional collaboration in youth ministry. If you’ve developed successful models and methods for co-creating youth resources among a community of youth ministers, then we’re keen on learning from you.

Email your insights to:

Check out our Intentional Collaboration Survey to learn what other youth ministers think about working together to co-create resources and response to impact youth.


We’d love your help through praying, partnering, and passing the word on about the Hive and collaborative learning communities.

If you, someone you know, your church or a foundation would like to stimulate this initiative (to assist with resource development, training, design, promotions, etc.) we would love to chat!

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Join or launch a collaborative learning community among youth ministers.

Our models and methods of collaboration are based on 4Ts:

Topic – pick a youth ministry specific topic you’re interested in discovering and discussing

Text – pick key biblical texts and relevant fields of study to anchor your collaboration

Target – set a target audience (youth ministers, youth, or both) and a realistic goal & deadline (i.e., to co-create a 2 page of best practices on…by…)

Team – set clear team expectations everyone agrees upon (number of collaborators & sessions, dates & length of sessions, roles – especially the facilitator, deadline for finishing, who you’ll share your resource with).


Grab the Guidebook

If you’d like to join or launch a Hive we recommend you check out our free guidebook filled with useful suggestions & tips. Feel free to adapt our models and methods for your own collaborative learning communities and let us know what comes of it.