The Hive





So Why are Hives So Special?

Well, here are a few reasons…


Biblically Rooted & Christ-centered

At the heart of every Hive collaborative learning community is the desire to know Christ and make Him known. Acts 2:42-47 paints a beautiful picture of Christians, united together by the Holy Spirit, gathered to discover Christ in the Apostles’ teachings, discuss their questions and beliefs around a common meal, develop plans and resources to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others, and deliver immediate and lasting hope. We envision the Holy Spirit doing the same in each Hive, as daily youth encounter the hope of Christ.


Foster Community, Learning, & Collaboration

The Hive method promotes genuine community whereby youth ministers (or youth) are encouraged as they fellowship together. In this unique culture environment of respect and dignity, learning is fostered, and collaborators are empowered through an exchange of ideas. Through Spirit-empowered unity, and personal commitment, intentional collaboration equips participants to know Christ and make Him known in practical and timely ways.


Elevate Grassroots Participation

Rather than a traditional exported product or program, Hives are principle-based models (for intentional collaboration) capable of being adapted and applied by anyone, anywhere. Hives originate and dissipate according to participants’ interests, agreed upon commitments, and achieved outcomes. Collaborators freely create and share resources with each other and others.


Locally Led

Collaborators form Hives to learn from one another and develop relevant resources they want and need. This means a group of intergenerational youth ministers in Chicago or Calcutta can work together to develop a handout containing ten tips for a successful back-to-school rally for their perspective churches; a cluster of Filipino youth ministers can develop a four-part Sunday school curriculum in the Tagalog language; or a team of interconnected global collaborators can develop an action plan for a youth-led social media campaign to increase biblical literacy or fight human trafficking.


Active Participation

Participants commit to actively engage in the learning and creation process. Rather than a didactic (or lecture-based) approach, which favors passive participation, Hives foster active engagement through dialogue. This active approach amplifies individual voices while contributing to collective outcomes. There are no spectators; every collaborator is committed to the process and shared objective(s). Everyone gives. Everyone gets.



A holistic approach to collaboration addresses principles and practices, through the lenses of Scripture and interdisciplinary studies, helping every Hive combine inspiration and information with application and activation. So often collaboration starts well but ends poorly. There’s a good deal of inspiration (why?) and information (what?) but very little application (how?) and activation (now?). Based on years of collaborating across cultures, global research, and piloted methodology we’ve created models, methods and means for intentional collaboration which results in relevant (indigenous) and timely (within months, not years) resources and responses to help youth ministers and youth alike.


Outcomes Based

Participants drive toward desired outcomes. Pre-determine topics and expectations ensure development of relevant resources (and responses) are prioritized while also empowering personal enrichment and encouraging healthy interpersonal relationships.


Game Changing

Resources and responses are delivered near and far. Participants benefit from developed outcomes and agree to share their findings with others. As co-creators of content, participants are able to deliver resources and responses to their youth and other youth ministers in record time. Rather than the typical one to two-year turn-around to create and distribute discipleship materials, Hive collaborators can engage social networks to deliver resources in a matter of months. Additionally, resources can be made available on a central platform for a broader, long-term reach.