The Hive





Our History

about/Our Story/ Our History. 2012 – The vision for IYS was loaned to Mark, as he trained youth ministers from 19 nations, while high-up in the mountains of the Philippines. Soon thereafter the Andresons relocated to Indonesia to pursue the vision through training...

Our Bold Vision

about/Our Story/ Our Bold Vision. By God’s leading and local partnerships, IYS will help others establish strategically positioned self-sustaining teams to encourage, equip, and empower thousands of youth ministers who will impact countless youth around the globe. We...

Our Approach

about/Our Story/ Our Approach. We connect youth ministry influencers to collaborate for the sustainable creation of contextualized resources and responses, which contribute to the local church’s ongoing ministry to and through youth. This means we serve high-level...

Our Mission

about/Our Story/ Our Mission.  We exist to encourage, equip, & empower global youth ministers. Our mission is undergirded by the following values:   We Activate We believe inspiration and information should be connected to application and activation. The why...

Our Burden

about/Our Story/ Our Burden. 2 billion youth without eternal hope, and there just aren’t enoughtrained, resourced and supported youth ministers to reach them A darkness has engulfed today’s youth, the world over, as they experience unprecedented levels of...