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The Hive.

Our Hive Handbook is out!

We’ve put together what we learned (and are learning) about intentional collaboration, in Hives. This is an amazing resource that will make your attempt at launching a Hive easier and more frutiful. Just fill out our ‘Launch A Hive’ form and we will send you the handbook

Access the Hive Handbook
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IYS Statement of Faith - group of young people

What’s The Hive?

Hives are committed groups of youth ministers who freely and intentionally discover, discuss, and develop timely & relevant resources & responses in order to deliver eternal impact to and through youth.

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Did you know

68% of youth ministers agree that resources aren’t always relevant or available in a timely manner 83% of youth ministers agree there aren’t enough trained youth ministers & resources 67% of youth ministers struggle to apply or adapt resources
*These facts and figures are derived from an IYS Intentional Collaboration Survey

Colin, World Evangelical Alliance

“The HIVE will become the veins in which the blood pumps through the body and brings life to youth ministry.”

Colin, World Evangelical Alliance

Wayne, USA

“The U.S. needs to learn from voices from around the world. Our model for youth ministry has been flipped because we need a new paradigm. With a global community a much broader perspective is needed. The Hive could merge strategy and relationship.”

Wayne, USA

TC, Kenya

“We didn’t have language or a paradigm for this but you’re helping the jigsaw pieces fit together. The Hive is brilliant!”

TC, Kenya

Survey respondent, U.S.A

“I value collaboration because it can help my ministry personally while also empowering other ministries. It’s probably closes to what the “church” ought to be doing.”

Survey respondent, U.S.A

Jerome, Sri Lanka

What you’re doing is very significant.”

Jerome, Sri Lanka

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Join a Hive

Would you like to join a hive, a collaborative learning community and have fun learning, growing, and creating with other youth ministers?

IYS Statement of Faith - group of young people

Facilitate a Hive

Would you like to launch a hive with a group of your youth ministry friends? Are you interested in organizing or leading a discussion about a relevant youth ministry topic?


Access Hive Resources

Access relevant youth discipleship resources, co-created by youth ministers, like you.

Lament resource
Reconcile resource
IYS Statement of Faith - group of young people