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Our Founder.

By God’s grace, Mark Andréson has served in family ministry (both in the U.S. and overseas) for over two decades and has encouraged, equipped, and empowered ministers from around the world. He is an ordained minister with degrees in biblical and theological studies and holds a Doctorate of Intercultural Studies. His dissertation entitled, Interconnected Youth Ministry: What Can North American Youth Ministries Learn from Cultural Value Orientations of the Non-Western World?, addressed contrasting cultural values and how they influence adolescent spiritual formation.

“Growing up in a troubled home, I realized later in life the power a godly leader can have on a young life.”

He previously served as the Director of International Mobilization at Dare 2 Share Ministries, where he spearheaded a global youth evangelism movement and co-authored, the Gospel Advancing Movement Global Guidebook. As the founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Youth Studies (IYS) he is passionate about collaborative efforts which help youth know Christ and make Him known. He feels most at home at the intersection of youth studies, intercultural studies, and strategic operations.

Mark, his wife Kim, and their son Jono live near Chicago. His kryptonite is popcorn, ice cream, & donuts! His veins flow with coffee.