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Our Annual Theme – Live Boldly.

Are you living boldly for Christ?

Not long ago, while training global youth leaders at a conference in Germany, the Holy Spirit prompted me to live boldly for Christ. During an evening worship session, I found myself captured by the picture of the early church presented in Acts 4:31-35. Having just experienced opposition, rather than cower under pressure, they gathered to pray with boldness. The grace of God was boldly upon them as they cared for others. And the Spirit empowered them to share the gospel, with boldness.

And when they had prayed, the place in which they were gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God with boldness (31).

If I’m honest, this passage of text probably stood out because God knew a roller coaster year of family crisis, fundraising shortfalls, and inflation (outpacing revenue) had me feeling anything but confident. Thus, at a conference filled with passionate youth and ministers I set a daily prayer reminder on my phone, for 4:31pm (Acts 4:31). 

Thinking this would help me become bolder in life, ministry, and witness I found it did just the opposite! While I thought I needed to stop everything and pray with passion and intensity, like those pictured in Acts, my daily circumstances led me to feel otherwise. Actually, most days when the alarm sounded, I became annoyed because, in that moment, I felt inadequate and lacked confidence. Have you been there before? 

Then something changed. The power to live boldly, mentioned in Acts 4, wasn’t conjured up with a passionate prayer, it was gifted by God’s grace and imparted by the Holy Spirit. It wasn’t forced, it was freely given. The confidence to live for Christ, no matter the ups and downs of life, is given and sustained by God. This realization took a lot of weight off my mind and brought a renewed sense of freedom. Grace works like that, doesn’t it?!

Sure, I still pray daily but it’s less about me and more about trusting the Holy Spirit to empower me.

Truthfully, I rarely pray zealous prayers for power, but I am more genuine and sincere with God, especially if I’m having a bad day or an off moment. There’s a sense of peace in knowing, that despite my best efforts or worse shortcomings, the Spirit will continue to work in my life and give me the confidence to pursue God’s glory – in all I say and do.

Personally, this year I’ll strive to live boldly by praying with more confidence, caring with more compassion, and sharing the Good News with more conviction. This is what I’m asking the Holy Spirit to do in and through me.

Organizationally, this year we will focus on three areas of living boldly as we fulfill our mission to encourage, equip, and empower global youth ministers.

  • Align with strategic partners as we pray for wisdom, favor and unity.
  • Advance through team projects as we care & collaborate with others.
  • Amplify by sharing our passion for interconnected youth ministry which prioritizes contextualized solutions for more youth to know Christ and make Him known.

Why don’t you join me at 4:31pm? Together, let’s pray that God gives us boldness to pray, care, and share the grace of God to a world that so disparately needs it.


Living boldly,