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Our Annual Theme – Forward Grace.

Nearly 170 years ago, with the invention of the modern commercial windmill, engineer Daniel Halladay found a way to effectively harness wind and water power. While windmills had long existed, they were expensive to manufacture, cumbersome to operate, and inefficient at capturing and delivering energy. Seeing the tremendous opportunity to resource homesteaders and steam-engines (both needing consistent sources of water as they expanded into unchartered lands), Halladay knew the status quo had to change.

Through determination, ingenuity, and the support of local businessman John Burnham, Halladay set to work inventing a viable solution. By using lighter materials, modifying pump mechanisms, changing the pitch of the sails, and adding a tail to regulate wind speed, on August 29, 1854, the Halladay Wind-Mill was unveiled. This single invention revolutionized the agricultural and rail industries, thus making westward expansion possible at a far greater rate.

Some years later, Halladay and Burnham relocated to Batavia, Illinois and founded the U.S. Wind Engine and Pump Company.* From the heart of the Fox River Valley, windmills were shipped all around the world. In time, as the industry boomed, Batavia became known as the Windmill Capital of the World. Halladay saw the need, seized the opportunity, and created new ways to harness and forward energy.

The Institute for Youth Studies exists because we too believe the status quo of ministry, to and through youth, must change. To impact 2 billion youth, we must better harness (steward) grace. By creating strategic resources, collaborating, and connecting youth ministry influencers we are able to impact countless youth around the globe.
This year, we seek to forward grace by encouraging, equipping, and empowering 50+ youth ministry influencers in 18+ nations. We aim to train youth ministers in 10 nations and create close to 30 resources/solutions for national and multi-national based ministry. Finally, our guidebook (we’ll create for a global-level client) will be used to train youth ministers in 40+ nations! We believe tens of thousands of youth will experience eternal hope through the grace we forward.
Grace is always blowing…it’s freely given. May the Holy Spirit challenge each of us to steward more of it, so we can forward it to those who need it most. Thank you for praying, partnering, & passing the news n about IYS.

Rev. Dr. Mark Andréson